Data is a game-changer

Managing a fleet of vehicles and, more generally, managing mobility, depends heavily on how a company manages and uses data.
To gather, analyse, and then make the best use of data, Optimum Automotive has developed a unique DATA HUB based on smart algorithms.

"Can system" data

Using the OEM telematics systems fitted by car makers**, or third-party systems (equipment suppliers), essential and precise data is collected: on mileage, fuel consumption, service dates, breakdowns and fault codes, etc.

* CAN: Controller Area Network
** Optimum Automotive has certified data access to OEM telematics systems fitted by: Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles and Renault.

Regulatory data

DATA HUB is also connected to French administrative authorities and reference databases: SIV (France’s vehicle registration system, automatically registers your fleet upon integration), and ANTAI (the French agency for automated offence processing) automates management of traffic offences.

Automotive databases and reference models

Being connected to two sources of automotive reference models provides more meaningful vehicle data, and facilitates relations with third parties (car hire companies, maintenance firms, etc.): JATO (global vehicle database, including vehicle specifications and Car Policy management databases), AUTODATA (servicing programmes and schedules, technical vehicle monitoring)

Financial information on suppliers

DATA HUB also collects and integrates information regarding costs and invoicing relating to different suppliers in the automotive sector (vehicle hire, maintenance, tyre fitters, fuel payment cards, etc.) via an Application Programming Interface (API) or file transfer (FTP). The algorithms used to collect and process data provide unparalleled real-time or scalable TCO monitoring.

Map data

Map data comes from various providers (OPEN STREET MAP, GOOGLE MAPS, HERE, etc). If vehicle tracking is activated, many map options are available (Routes, Traffic, Relief, New Mobility, Streetview, etc.). DATA HUB also provides access to various map attributes: speed limits on different road sections, accurate geocoding, etc.

Driver data

DATA HUB collects data relating to the specific driver: detailed driving behaviour and attitude to safety, multi device ID. DATA HUB also manages data transfer flow with the drivers: sending/receiving job assignments, data collection in the field, private and public messaging.

Other data on data hub

DATA HUB also collects and uses additional data with a view to optimising processing algorithms (traffic, weather, etc.), and to provide mobility solutions needed by drivers (petrol/electric charging stations, car parks, etc.)

Using data hub

DATA HUB is an incredibly rich source of data that can be used at the dashboard and by advice and fleet operating centres.

The algorithms developed by Optimum Automotive provide fleet managers with the data they need to make informed and timely decisions.

Whether you want to optimise costs, journey times or service quality, the advantages of each service afforded by our data analysis algorithms and our advice centre can be demonstrated and assessed.

Specialised in connected vehicle solutions for over thirteen years, OPTIMUM AUTOMOTIVE has developed an unrivalled range of connected services all available via a single platform, designed to reduce your fleet costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and introduce new mobility solutions into the workplace.

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